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Fixing Mental Health In The Workplace Requires A Lot More Than A Yoga Room

Sleep trackers and meditation programs may be truly beneficial to some workers, even if perhaps more often, employees ignore wellness offerings or don’t stick with them. But they also address just a tiny sliver of employees’ true mental health issues. Most employers still aren’t like Prudential, where explicit programs exist to end stigma, support mental health for both employees and their families, and create a balanced and flexible workplace culture. Many companies fail to address the root causes of workplace angst, whether it is the long hours or poor job security that exacerbate stress and health problems for all employees or the mental health challenges—including depression, anxiety, and substance abuse—that affect a smaller but growing subset of them.

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Mental Health at work – techno help and workshops are all fine, but no substitute foran open and caring environment from the top!

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Best Practices for a Different Kind of Women’s Leadership

Men and women lead differently, communicate differently, have different influences on career goals and are motivated differently. A new era of women’s leadership development is emerging that is no longer about struggle but rather about focus and balance. Companies seeking the economic and cultural benefits should use the 17 best practices to promote gender equality, focusing particularly on the “difficult six.”

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Comprehensive list of suggestions for promoting gender diversity across the organisation.

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Emotional Contagion: The Scientific Reason Why Bad Moods Are Catching

“The comforting thing is even when we feel lonely, we’re never actually alone.”

Emotional contagion is, in other words, a form of empathy; it’s the way in which we understand another person’s feelings.

Empathy is hugely important; it’s how we connect with people and form social bonds. Imagine expressing distress to a friend whilst they sat there grinning…

There is actually another type of empathy though, a more conscious one called cognitive empathy. This is where a person makes a conscious effort to unpick the signals they’re receiving and make a judgement on how they should react to the present situation. ‘It’s a chain of inferences I’m making in order to understand what that person’s current state is, this example of cognitive empathy does not require me to mimic or show emotional contagion to you,’ Dr Chakrabarti explains. Interestingly, a characteristic of psychopaths and sociopaths is a lack or absence of empathy, so whilst this means they probably don’t experience emotional contagion, they tend to be very good at this ‘learned’ type of empathy so, outwardly, they may appear empathetic.

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Feelings are contagious! Use that as a key in OD!

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